B. Sc. Dolling, Maximilian Research Software Engineer (RSE)
Helmholtz Centre Potsdam
German Research Centre for Geosciences - GFZ
Campus Potsdam Building A 70, Room 325 Telegrafenberg 14473 Potsdam Germany


I was interested in computer and what they are capable of, since I turned one on for the first time. That led to studies in environmental informatics. I was self employed the last years and worked for small start-ups up to global companies. I am new to the world of research, but was always interested in it. Now I am responsible for workshops in software development, software licenses and community management. I participate as much as I can in RSE-events and believe that we can do something big here.


Good research is (partly) based on good research software. To maximize quality and quantity of research outcome, I want to support researchers to develop software, that has a certain quality and inherits the FAIR principles.

  • Open Science
  • Research Software Engineering
  • System and Process design and optimization

Responsibilities within HIFIS Software Cluster

  • Education and training on
    • Version control systems
    • Programming basics
  • Consulting on
    • Best practices
    • Software licensing
    • Software architecture
    • Requirements engineering
  • Community services
    • Build up and support communities