FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



What is the mission of HIFIS Software?

HIFIS Software Services mission is to empower scientists of any domain to implement and to perpetuate modern scientific software development principles in order to make research software engineering more sustainable.

How can HIFIS Software help me as a researcher?

Developing software is an essential part of a modern research process. Reproducible high-quality research requires a sustainable software devlopment process. HIFIS Software helps you with four different components:

Whom can I talk to about HIFIS Software in my Helmholtz center?

Visit the team page for getting contact information. If there is no HIFIS Software associate in your center yet, we are happy to help to find and nominate someone in your institute as contact person.

My Helmholtz center is not directly involved into HIFIS Software. Do you still help me?

Yes, of course. HIFIS in general is a Helmholtz-wide platform that aims to provide offers for all Helmholtz centers.

Is there more in HIFIS than the Software Cluster?

Yes, there exist two more clusters within HIFIS:

  • Backbone Services - provide a stable network infrastructure and jointly usable core services in order to meet the increasing demand for networking of research and the increasing volume of data in the Helmholtz Association
  • Cloud Services - offer a federated cloud platform to the entire scientific community and partners in the long tail of science

Visit www.hifis.net for general information about HIFIS.

How should I acknowledge HIFIS assistance in a paper?

Please include something like this:

We gratefully acknowledge the HIFIS.net (Helmholtz Federated IT Services) Software team for … (e.g. support with the components above)

Education & Training

Which trainings are you able to offer?

Please have a look into our training catalogue. This is a collection of material that either is developed by external organizations, e.g. The Carpentries, originates from various Helmholtz centers or is created by HIFIS Software itself.

Where do I find upcoming training events?

Our events page lists future events.

I need a software training for my research group. Can you provide one?

We are very happy to provide trainings for you. Please have a look into our events page first, to see future scheduled trainings. If there is no event that fits your needs, please contact us.

Technology Services

When are first Technology Services available for use?

It is planned to have the first usable services available by mid 2020. You can visit the Technology Services page for further information.