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Docker for Science (Part 2)

25 Sep 2020

Docker For Science (Part 1)

23 Sep 2020

Introducing: Consulting Services

19 Aug 2020
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The Mission

HIFIS Software Services' mission is to empower scientists of any domain to implement and to perpetuate modern scientific software development principles in order to make research software engineering more sustainable.

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07. Oct. 20 Workshop Online Event

Software Carpentry Workshop

This basic Software Carpentry workshop will teach Shell, Git and Python for scientists and PhD students.

10. Nov. 20 Workshop To be announced

Bring Your Own Script and Make It Ready for Publication

We will help you polish an existing project to a publication-ready state: Reviewing installation instructions and documentation Helping you decide …

15. Dec. 20 Workshop Dresden

GitLab for Software Development in Teams

Using GitLab's collaboration and automation features effectively