Finish the Analysis of the HIFIS Software Survey

In early 2020 a Helmholtz-wide survey targeting at Helmholtz scientists was conducted in order to analyze the status quo of research software development in Helmholtz and to tailor the offers of HIFIS Software to the requirements of the scientists.

Dedicated Technology Pages

It is planned to provide a first iteration of dedicated technology pages on We will

Recipes for a Scalable GitLab Instance

The main task of the Technology team is to provide a well-integrated software management infrastructure for all Helmholtz centers and beyond. The central component will be a GitLab instance.
The recipes will be implemented using the configuration management tool Ansible. This way the recipes can be provided for all Helmholtz centers to reduce the individual administration effort.

GitLab Integration for Invenio / Rodare

Enhancing Invenio and Rodare with a GitLab integration.