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March 2020
Technology Services

Launch of the HIFIS Software Events platform

HIFIS Software will provide workshops, training and special events for scientists of the whole Helmholtz Association. In order to streamline the registration and organization process, we decided to provide our own events infrastructure until a Helmholtz Cloud solution is available. The solution is based on Indico.
The HIFIS Software events platform is available via:

May 2020
Technology Services

Launch of the HIFIS Software Helpdesk

In order to streamline the process of user requests and workshop organisation in our distributed team a helpdesk will be launched. The solution will be based on Zammad.

June 2020
Technology Services

Finish the Analysis of the HIFIS Software Survey

In early 2020 a Helmholtz-wide survey targeting at Helmholtz scientists was conducted in order to analyze the status quo of research software development in Helmholtz and to tailor the offers of HIFIS Software to the requirements of the scientists.

Dedicated Technology Pages

It is planned to provide a first iteration of dedicated technology pages on We will

  • detail the offers available by the Technology services team of HIFIS Software,
  • provide an overview of available platforms and tools and
  • evaluate the listed platforms and tools.

Recipes for a Scalable GitLab Instance

The main task of the Technology team is to provide a well-integrated software management infrastructure for all Helmholtz centers and beyond. The central component will be a GitLab instance.
The recipes will be implemented using the configuration management tool Ansible. This way the recipes can be provided for all Helmholtz centers to reduce the individual administration effort.

GitLab Integration for Invenio / Rodare

Enhancing Invenio and Rodare with a GitLab integration.

July 2020
Technology Services

Recipes for a Scalable CI solution

One important element of the software management platform is a solution for continuous integration (CI). Reusable Ansible recipes for a GitLab CI infrastructure will be provided.

October 2020
Technology Services

Integrate the Software Management Platform into the Helmholtz Cloud

The software management platform is planned to be integrated into the Helmholtz Cloud as soon as the technical platform is available. Continuous Integration will be part of the software management platform from the very beginning.

December 2020
Technology Services

Integrations for the Software Management Platform

  • Integrate bots for automating tasks, e.g. automated dependency updates.
  • Seamlessly integrate interactive computing environments like Jupyter.

Conceptualization of a Helmholtz Software Catalogue

Design a concept for a Helmholtz software catalogue. With the aid of a software catalogue

  • the reusability and findability of specific software solutions is expected to be increased and
  • it is made easier to find relevant contact persons working on similar solutions.