GitLab for Software Development in Teams


Tue, 15. Dec. 2020​ , 09:00 —
Wed, 16. Dec. 2020​ , 17:00




  2 × DLR   1 × HZDR


Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf Campus Dresden Building 104, Room 201 Bautzner Landstraße 400 01328 Dresden Germany


This workshop teaches you how to use basic and advanced GitLab features to collaborate with others on a software project.

You will learn how to

  • Effectively plan and track work using issues
  • Review change suggestions with merge requests
  • Create and document releases, and
  • How to automate repetitive tasks with continuous integration pipelines.

We will complete a few simulated iterations of the software development lifecycle in a demo project, both alone and in a team.


Help developers of medium and large software systems to use the collaboration and automation features of GitLab in order to improve sustainability in their projects.


Basic Git skills are needed. A good and quick tutorial can be found in the Software Carpentry’s “Git Novice” episodes 1 to 9. Participants need to bring their own laptop with a modern web browser and Git set up on the command line.


Registrations are not open yet. They will be open from 01 November 2020 to 01 December 2020 or until the event is booked out.