Project management with GitLab


Fri, 18. Sep. 2020​  —
Mon, 21. Sep. 2020​


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Online Event


The workshop is aimed at those who have to manage development projects in a research context. It introduces a workflow and best practises for day-to-day operations with the aim to increase productivity, overall quality and make everyones life a bit easier.


This course is split into two parts:

  1. Introduction to version control using the tool Git
  2. Project Management with the Web-Platform GitLab

Version Control is an essential building block in managing digital projects of any scale and enabling successful collaboration. Building on top of this, an advanced project management system provides further potential for enhanced productivity.


No previous knowledge in the covered topics will be required. Participants who are already familiar with Git may opt to skip the first day of the workshop. You will be prompted about this choice during the registration.

Further details can be found at the event page.


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